Gay Boy Foot Fetish

The joys of having a young gay boy and his feet in your possession are endless. Been thinking of a foot job? Or maybe you're dreaming of licking those young gay feet.

Massaging this boy's feet with oil, with lotion, rubbing his ankles and then traveling once again to the place of worship - feet and toes. His toes could use some manicuring, but that makes them hotter. He's a working boy.

Isn't it great when he's been working all day, painting houses, and sweating it up in his big ole socks and work boots? This is just a clear invitation for some boot licking, toe sucking, and foot massaging.

A gay boy twink is also often more appreciative of the worship and services of a man with a gay boy foot fetish than older, more jaded foot providers. Looking at the gay boy foot fetish galleries is never anywhere close to the live foot!

Sweaty, stinky feet are there to be pleasured and worshipped. The high arch, the rough, calloused soles - ah the sweet torture! The gay boy foot fetish sends visions of heavenly, sweaty feet into your mind. Rough to the touch, and smelly; this is a fantasy in the making!

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