Black Gay Foot Fetish

The black gay foot fetish is descended from the written recorded foot fetish arena, which goes back as far as the 1200's, perhaps longer.

Are you the foot fetishist who enjoys different types and variations on socks, heels, hosiery, nail polish, or something else altogether?

Are you a man with a black gay foot fetish? You might like smelly boy's socks, or work boots that have been laced up with thick wool socks when its 100 degrees outside. The African-American male foot stirs many thoughts and dreams and images in your mind. Toenails, sometimes uneven or washing that smelly boy's feet in a foot basin. This sends shivers down your spine just thinking about it!

You long for the next time that a young black stud peels his shoes and socks off slowly and tortuously while you can only watch. When the brown ebony sheen of his skin is revealed, you have found the dream boy of your gay black foot fetish. Licking his boots later, and then spending hours polishing them while he stands impatiently with the booted foot propped between your legs. Maybe he's wearing cop boots - your little gay black cop.

A black gay foot fetish results in fantasies of toes and high arches too. His long toes with the little hairs poking out on top; you can't wait until the next time you see and nibble on those lovely chocolate toes!

Gay Foot Fetish - Black Gay Foot Fetish

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