Asian Lesbian Foot Fetish

Hot Asians are known for their delicate and smooth, soft feet. Their feet tend to be smaller than the international average. An Asian Lesbian Foot Fetish is one based on these delicate attributes.

An Asian lipstick lesbian foot can be pampered with oriental foot massage using erotic oils and elixirs. These tender little toes can be some of the most delicious to paint; you can use pink, coral, white, black, fire engine red, or try your hand at intricate painting details and themes. This will give you even more time with the lovely feet.

The Asian foot is a much sought after and desired object in the foot fetish world. They are quite lovely, almost more similar to fingers and hands. Toe rings for your precious foot owner can spice things u even more.

If you are into heels, five to six inch stilettos are fabulous. Your Asian Lesbian Foot Fetish will be tickled and further enhanced by these heels. Another option is to get the foot owner to squash some objects; this could be a light bulb, balloon or any number of objects.

An Asian Lesbian Foot Fetish provides adventure for the lesbian fetishist for years to come. The possibilities are endless.

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